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BW Greenhouse provides flexibility in offering a number of different options to suit your location and crop needs as well as your budget.


Every BW Greenhouse needs some form of ventilation.

Some growers want passive ventilation otherwise known as "roll ups either side of the greenhouse"; others want fans; and in many situation a combination of both is optimum. Depending on what is to be achieved will determine what kind of ventilation is needed and where it is needed. Passive ventilation can be through roof vents heat but little humidity; roll-up side near the ground vent more humidity. We can discuss your specific needs and recommend a solution that fits your crop and your budget.


We have been told that we have the best doors in the business. We pre-assemble our aluminum-framed doors and provide a superior quality steel header and door hardware. This ensures years of trouble service.

Our doors range from 3' x 7' single slider to 10' x 14' double sliders. The door material can be single poly, Dynaglas or Twin-Wall.


With some fridgid weather getting to -10 or more we suggest a good heating solution so your crops do not freeze and with a polycarbonate BW greenhouse, you can grow all year round.

Advanced Systems

When we start to design a BW FREEFLOW system, we look at every aspect of your growing cylce. Including the lighting systems. Be it Plazma lighting or LED. Our custom project team are ready to give you the best advise in the business


We partner with Argus to deliver the most advanced automated solution to Greenhouse production in the business. Our custom project team are trained to work along side Argus to automate your whole process

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